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Custom Coiled USB Cable

Custom Coiled USB Cable

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Colour Charts: Click Here

Style your own coiled USB cable and we'll build it for you. From paracord colour to even heatshrink colour, there is an endless number of combinations you can make to best suit your keyboard setup.

We reverse coil all our cables to ensure that the coils are firm and snappy. All custom cables will go through testing before being shipped out. 

Additional info:

  • We coil our cables using a 1/2" rod.
  • Turnaround time: Please refer to our announcement bar at the top of our page.

Notes for cable length: 

Cable length selected is independent of the coil length.


1 meter cable length option selected = 15 cm coiled cable + 1 meter straight cable


Techflex (Double sleeving)

Techflex is sleeved over your paracord hence the term double sleeving. We use Techflex for all our coiled cables as it helps to keep the coils in great shape and enhances the durability of the cable. It comes in different colours too so you can pick and choose your favourite colour combo!

You may opt for clear techflex if you wish to have your cable colour as close to your paracord colour. Do note that that clear techflex would have a slightly shiny finish over your cable under certain lighting conditions.


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